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Fall on the South end of the CNO&TP

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  • Fall on the South end of the CNO&TP

    I am still slowly working my way through a lot of material I shot over the past 4 months, and have just finished up with a few images of the 3rd District of the CNO&TP between Oakdale and Chattanooga TN.

    I have really not paid enough attention to the 3rd district over the past few years, choosing to stay on the 2nd district, which has a lot better scenery and options. With the signal project in full swing, I tried to get down that way more this year and get as many of the old searchlights as I could. Most of these shots where taken on the way to or from some of the steam trips this year, but it worked out rather well. I shared some of the night shots earlier, and have added several new images since then.

    Here are a few teasers, but make sure to click the link to go to my 2012 3rd District gallery on Pbase, with 17 new images. >>> 3rd District of the CNO&TP Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    NS 161 winds through Oakdale TN on a warm Friday morning in November. The East side of the river here has almost become a ghost town since NS stopped changing crews here...buildings gone, empty yard.

    Northbound 224 exits Tunnel 25 at Oakdale 11/09/12

    After a morning of fighting the hills and curves of the 2nd District, NS 143 leaves the mountains behind as they start down the easier profile of the 3rd District. The train is just South of Emory Gap, passing the intermediate signal at Cardiff, TN.

    143 again, rolling through the big curve at South Roddy, TN
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY