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Christmas comes to town on a E9, CN-IC Santa Train

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  • EM Bell
    started a topic Christmas comes to town on a E9, CN-IC Santa Train

    Christmas comes to town on a E9, CN-IC Santa Train

    This past weekend, I finally took a friend up on his offer to come shoot the multitude of Christmas trains that where running in Illinois. I rarely go North in my travels, preferring the scenery of the South, but I was NOT disappointed in my decisions to go this time.

    Our plan was ambitious, and worked out well. Saturday morning, we would shoot the CN-IC train a couple of places, then head North West for the afternoon to catch up with the P&W train. Sunday would be spent with the NS Santa train out of Decatur. The weather was nasty, with rain, wind and fog being in full control all weekend, but it was still a great trip. I am slowly working my way through a staggering amount of images (for me anyway), and this first "installment" will cover the IC train.

    After meeting up early that morning, we headed for Gibson City Il to intercept the IC train. We had planned on following them a lot further than we did, but the train was running WAY behind schedule due to the larger than normal crowds. The crew said they try to never leave a town until all of the kids have had the chance to see Santa and blow the horn, and they stayed almost Two hours past the scheduled departure time to make that happen.

    That didn't work out so well with our schedule and the need to be 100+ miles on to the West by 1400, but that's ok by me..its really hard to complain about not getting another shot or Two when you see the long lines of children waiting to see Santa. Times are hard, and we knew that for a lot of them this was about as much Christmas cheer as they would see The smiles where plentiful as those youngins came down off the train. The folks staffing the train had a lot of smiles as well, and are to be commended for what they do..

    My next installment will be the P&W Santa train with a pair of FP7's, but for now check the link for a few shots of an IC E9 and the 2012 CN-IC Santa Train. >>> Illinois Central (CN-IC) 2012 Santa Train Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    CN folks help a happy family down off the train after a visit with Santa

    IC E9 #101, former CB&Q 9977 ready to lead the Santa Train North out of Gibson City

    Details in Chrome....a classy touch on a IC business car

    Arriving at Melvin, Illinois

  • jonnyseeandoh
    Illinois Central was a helluva road, and CN just plained ruined it. Same goes for UP doing in CNW, and SP.

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