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Unexpected Heritage power on a wet day

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  • Unexpected Heritage power on a wet day

    This past Friday morning 12/07/12, I left the house early, headed for Illinois to spend the weekend shooting Santa Trains on the IC, P&W and NS...a weekend chocked full of E and F units. I didn't have to be up there till that evening, and planned on slowly making my way North and do a little exploring on the way..

    As I left the house that morning, a Westbound train was going by the front door at the Jreb world HQ, but I didn't have a radio on yet. About 10 miles down the road, I heard that train (77J) get a track authority with NYC 1066 leading.. It was still dark and pouring rain, but I headed for Waddy Ky in hopes the sun might be up by the time train got there. 77J made good time and got to Waddy well ahead of the sun, so I cranked up the ISO and did what I could. It was dark, cold and still raining hard as they started in the siding to meet 275, but the slow speed was lucky for me, and I managed a few shots. It was one of those dark, moody mornings that few other folks would have bothered with, but I love that kind of shot, and was very pleased with my results. It never hurts to get a little wet!

    After doing all I could do with the 77J, I hit the interstate again and headed on North. After spending a few hours around Huntingburg Indiana, I made a 2 hour pit stop at Centrailia Illinois late in the afternoon. My main goal was to shoot Amtrak and maybe get a few CNIC trains (and accomplished those goals), but I would also have my second ( Unexpected ) heritage encounter. Shortly after getting there, I heard a Westbound NS train call the CN RTC to request a light across the IC diamond. Shortly, a headlight appeared on the NS main, and there was the PRR 8102 on the point! Not satisfied with the crappy shot I got at the diamond, I somehow made my way across town in traffic and beat them to West Centrailia for another shot. This time, the sun popped out for a minute or Two, letting me get what I wanted..

    As a buddy of mine says, "I would rather be lucky than good any day"...and luck was with me for sure!

    The whole set can be seen at this link if ya want to are the highlights.. The NS OCS & Heritage units in 2012 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    NS 77j pulls into the siding at East Waddy KY, with the NYC 1066 leading...the sun had yet to show itself, and the rain and fog where in full control.

    NYC 1066 just past the firehouse at Waddy, with a little better light and still plenty of rain. My Cannon 50D is simply amazing in low light, and this was shot hand held with ambient light only..

    West Waddy, waiting for a good signal as the the rain eased up and the fog started to roll in

    Later in the day, and 200+ miles to the West, PRR 8102 brings a lite power move across the IC diamond at Centrailia Illinois

    And...8102 again passing a Manure spreader graveyard at West Centrailia Illinois.
    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY