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NS F units and the bridges of the CNO&TP

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  • nsrlink
    Beautiful images as always & a great narrative. Thanks for sharing.

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  • EM Bell
    started a topic NS F units and the bridges of the CNO&TP

    NS F units and the bridges of the CNO&TP

    The "Season" for OCS specials got off to an early start this year, with the first trips being run this past week. NS operated the annual inspection trip of the CNO&TP from Cincinnati to Chattanooga on Tuesday the 20th, and then ran the first "Blue Ribbon Special" trips back North on Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd.

    The Blue Ribbon Specials are trips for employee's that are being recognized by the company for outstanding service and safety. The first one's ran last year, and the program should visit several divisions in 2012. Between those,and all of the regular OCS trips, 2012 should be a busy year for what has to be the best looking business train running on a class 1 railroad!

    Having known ahead of time about the trips that ran this past week, Carmon and myself took a couple of days off work get a few shots. We have been lucky to have the OCS run through this area several times in the past, and I am slowly working on shooting them at many of the "classic" spots on the CNO&TP. Given the fact of how fast that train moves, each trip will net a scant few photo locations.

    We planned out a few places that we wanted, and that planning paid off well. We managed to shoot them on all of the major bridges on the South End between Danville and Chattanooga, plus a few other places. I have tried unsuccessfully to get them at New River TN and over the Tn River in Chattanooga for the last 4 years (and was foiled by dense fog, cloudy days and freight trains in the wrong place at the wrong time)...this trip we got lucky, and all of our goals where met with success!

    There where a lot of folks out, and we ran into a lot of familiar faces along the way. The weather was good, and the only issue we had was keeping up with the train...anyone that has tried to chase them on the CNO&TP knows what I mean! I was whooped by the time we got home, from all the driving and running. Anyone that says this hobby is easy needs to come spend a day with us...its plain out hard work Grin

    I added 21 new images from the 2 days to my Pbase gallery. Check out this link for those shots. Below you will find a few small samples The NS OCS in 2012 Photo Gallery by E.M. & Carmon Bell at

    Southbound 951 at CP Strange, Emory Gap, TN.

    Crossing the TN River Southbound at Chattanooga. This was the 4th time I have tried for this shot..finally got it!

    And just for good measure, we got them again at Tenbridge Wednesday morning as they headed back North. If the train had been 5 minutes earlier, this would have not worked out. The sun had just got high enough to get some light on the bridge.

    Later in the day, we bagged them again coming across the New River bridge, just South of Helenwood TN. The train was really moving, and we beat them here by all of 30 seconds..after driving non-stop from Harriman TN.

    And the last shot of the trip..crossing the Cumberland River at Burnside KY. This was the first time the OCS had ever been around Burnside late enough in the day for this shot to be possible.