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Bad Dogs and good EMD's on a Sunday afternoon..

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  • Bad Dogs and good EMD's on a Sunday afternoon..

    Last Sunday, Carmon and myself had enough sitting around the house, and decided to go take the cameras for a little ride. I kinda figured traffic on the NS would be light, and it was, being the first day back to work for them after the New Years Shutdown, but we seem to have had luck on our side.

    We found a I-85 (EYE 85, second section of 285) working the Ford Mixing Center at Shelbyville KY, and after figuring out he has a solid set of EMD power, decided that we would give chase for a few shots (like we had any choice!). Our First shot was at the bridge near downtown Shelbyville, and upon arriving at said location to wait out the train, a rather large and mean looking "free range" Pit Bull came trotting up, and began circling the car. I am not all that afraid of dogs, but then again had no need of an altercation. It kept circling us, for a good 20 mins, but by the time the train got there, it was out of sight (lurking in the bushes trying to decided which one of us to eat first)...but being the hardcore EMD lovers that we are, we got out and got the shot..

    (High Res versions of these images at this link Norfolk Southern, Louisville District Photo Gallery by E.M. Bell at )

    The dog..and NS I-85 at Shelbyville KY

    Before we even got our first shots, I KNEW one that had to be done. The power for the Lawrenceburg local T-19 (A SD70M-2) was tied down for the weekend on the old house track, with perfect sun. We had no trouble beating the train, and this was the far my favorite pic of the year so far...

    As it always goes with a EMD leading, I had to have that "one last shot" so we headed towards the Siding at Talmage KY, where the I-85 would meet a Westbound 375..that one last shot would turn into Two last shots, and another dog encounter.

    I-85 between Vanarsdale and West Talmage KY

    After the 375 went into the siding, we jumped out of the car at the East end of Talmage to shoot I-85 as he got moving again. I was standing on the road at the crossing, and Carmon on the other side of the road behind me. I had the camera to my eye, when I heard Carm yell and something bump my leg..hard. I fired off a couple of shots before I got bumped again, looked down and seen a young husky type dog running back and forth between us. This one was just plain happy to see us, and kept running and jumping, almost knocking my camera out of my hand at one point..and ruining the shot I had planned.. Here is the ONE shot I got before the happy dog attack, and Carms shot of the culprit (which you may have already seen)... Fun day, Good Engines, Bad Dogs....

    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY