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One last stand at Milledgeville Ky, on the CNO&TP

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  • One last stand at Milledgeville Ky, on the CNO&TP

    As Carmon and myself headed home from an afternoon out on the 2nd
    district of the CNO&TP Two weekends ago, we took the back way (which is
    about the only way I go anywhere) into Danville (Ky), via Moreland and
    Milledgeville. I happen to notice a set of brand new, shiny and almost
    completely installed Darth Vader" signals just South of the signals
    currently in use at MP 125.6. It was almost dark, and we had no trains,
    so no pics from that day, but I knew I HAD to get back down there ASAP
    to get a few final shots of the searchlights at Milledgeville before
    they where gone.

    This past Saturday, (10/30/10) We headed out around daylight, with the only plan of the day to shoot those signals (and the whole way there I was hoping they hadn't disappeared during the week). Over the past few years, NS had been steadily doing away with the older Southern signal bridges and searchlight signals that have kept the CNO&TP safe for decades. The newer signals, while surely cheaper to operate and safer to maintain, just do not have the same old school character as the GRS models. I have made it a point to get as many shots of the old stuff as I can, and having used the intermediate at MP 125.6 as a photo prop for years, I felt it only proper to spend a little more time with them.

    Luck would be with us this day, and even the scattered clouds would not keep us from our little mission. When we arrived at Milledgeville, the old signals still stood and where in use, while the new ones still had their heads turned away from the mainline. Traffic was a bit lighter, but we managed 3 Southbounds to shoot with the soon to be history signals. When we drove away towards the end of the day, all I could think of is that by the next time I get back there, progress will have taken another little piece of CNO&TP away...

    I only have a total of 5 pictures to share from this little outing, so I will be posting them all here. IF you see anything you want a bigger look at, you can find them at this link. NS Second District of the CNO&TP Photo Gallery by E.M. Bell at

    #1. The first train of the day was the 215, seen below passing the new signals, with the old ones in the background. Anyone see a little problem with that lead motor?

    #2 The Second train of the day was the always reliable 229. A former Conrail Dash-8 leads it South past MP 125.6

    #3 The last train we would shoot at Milliedgeville with the old signals would be the 175, late in the afternoon.

    After shooting the 175, we eased back into Danville to get some roster shots of the track research train that was tied down in the pocket track and grab a early supper. On the way home, I made one last swing down by the yard and lucked into a 197 that was changing crews. After seeing what he had for power, we turned back around and headed for Bowen for a couple of shots. It was a gamble, as it was late and the shadows where falling fast, but we bagged him the sweet light just a few minutes before the sun was gone behind the ridge.

    #4 and 5, NS 197 at Bowen KY

    E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
    Salvisa, KY