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"What's the matter with White People?"

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  • "What's the matter with White People?"

    There's a book these days; Wiley: WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH WHITE PEOPLE?: Why We Long for a Golden Age that Never Was
    Now I am heading up to Little Italy this weekend and I remember hearing that same question about 4 decades back (Italianos were not always considered "white.")
    "Iya tella you whuttsa madda widda thesa Beavera Cleavera families!" Mamma ---- was saying out in the kitchen. "Itsa this a crummy, unahealthia, NOrtha European cooking! Maka alla them kids sickly anda pasty anda kinda dull and no fun!"
    Too damn true Mamma ---- and my eternal thanks for turning me on to Italian cooking! I shudder to think of how I would look today if I would have stuck with Beaver Cleaver cuisine-probably have a pot belly and be a big fan of Fox News!
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