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Windows 8.1 not working with Emulator

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  • Windows 8.1 not working with Emulator

    New to the forum and hoping for a little guidance and help! I just bought a new laptop and have had no luck with getting on the emulator. I have downloaded Java version 6 that it show on the BNSF emulator website but im still having no luck! It does not even bring up the box on my screen after entering my password, then shows something about active x. I have went into compatible view settings and added like it says to do and just cant seem to figure this out.. If anyone can please help me it would be greatly appreciated, I am running out of options here. Thanks in advance and glad to be a member!!

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      That still don't work.. That active x keeps coming up, I have turned it off and on, but I still cant get it to work. No box even comes up after I enter my B number and password? I don't know what the deal is!


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        I believe he was referring you to the already existing thread for emulator problems.

        I don't plan on getting Windows 8 anything any time soon so I dunno, but if you're still having problems then use the same html link that you use for your phone.

        I've heard many people complain that they can't get into the emulator with the lastest version of Java, but I haven't had any I dunno there either.


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          BSNF Emulator working on Windows 8.1 on Dell Venue 8 Pro

          I just got the BNSF Emulator to work on Windows 8.1 for the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet.

          I had to do a couple of things to get it to work.

          Hopefully, thes instructions will help someone else too.

          There are several reasons why BNSF Emulator won't work and you need to fix each of these problems separately. You might have one or all of these problems. I will try to highlight the important concerns in RED.

          Step 1: Install Java version 6 update 45

          (Note! The newer versions of Java may not work with the BNSF Emulator.
          All I know is that Java version 6 upate 45 works.)

          The Emulator is not launching when using Windows 8? Why?
          This can be caused if the Java run time components are missing. With Windows 8, Java is not preinstalled. So you need to install it!

          (Note! If you have already installed the newer versions of Java, you need to uninstall the newer version FIRST before installing Java version 6 upate 45. You will need to go to your Control Panel and do and Uninstall Program from the Program Category.)

          Reinstall Java version 6 update 45 with this link:
          (Note: This site won't let me provide the URL or link since I have not posted at least 15 posts so I will try to walk you through Google to find te right webpage to download Java 6 Update 45.)

          a) Go to Google Search and type in "download java 6 upate 45"
          b) From the list of searches, choose Java SE Runtime Environment 6 - Download Oracle Technology...
          c) At the webpage, Read and Accept License Agreement
          d) Install Windows x86 ONLINE (0.87 MB)
          e) Follow download instructions, and run Java.
          Windows x86 Online0.87 MB

          Step 2: Fix Internet Explorer to Unblock ActiveX Control

          To troubleshoot the active X pop issue, follow the steps and check if it helps:

          a) Open Internet Explorer.
          b) Click on Tools menu and select Internet Options.
          c) Under Security tab click on Custom level.
          d) Scroll down to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins group, and ensure that all ActiveX options are set to either “Enable” or “Prompt”. Since the remote viewing software is published in an unsigned state, please make certain that the options “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” and “Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe” are set to “Prompt”. Also, make sure "Run ActiveX and Plug-Ins" are enabled.

          Step 3: Adjust the Compatibility View

          1. Open Internet Explorer
          2. Go to TOOL ( the symbol on the far right upper corner of the screen that looks like a wheel and is just right of the star)

          3. Click Compatibility View Settings
          4. Under add this website, type in
          5. Click Add
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            I picked up a cheap Surface RT for the hell of it but can't seem to get the emulator to work. I can use the 8200 link but can't seem to type in my password without it loading before I finish. Any ideas? Is there another option?

            Edit: Followed the above instructions and got it working. Thanks a bunch.
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