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  • The Best War Games available

    Unity of Command
    Excellent with a solid base in reality. Invented by two Croatians who-as opposed to most game designers-are said to have some actual military experience. I have been fiddling with these for a couple of months now and am still figuring out different angles-it may seem overwhelmingly complex at first-but keep fiddling with it-these are WAY SIMPLER than some switching situations I have dealt with. I recommend you buy these directly from the designers as they and they alone can answer any questions you might have. A great strategy game, fun for people who are good at analysis, planning ahead, dealing with real world terrain, initiating aggressive action, and thinking fast on their feet, and always having a plan b,c, and d in their back short rails!
    Not recommended for managers and other 2 dimensional type peoples.
    PS. ANd they are working on a WWII Western Front version that I plan to buy the minute I can. Website here;
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