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    Interesting how many WWII era firearms were being used! Why would this be?

    Interesting assortment. Note the old M16 upper, with the triangle handguards and what appears to be the 'birdcage' flash-hider. There's a few other WWII pieces in that photo:
    3 x MP40s (already noted)
    1 x M3 'Grease Gun' with a suppressor
    1 x M1 Carbine (it looks like an M1A1, but it could just as well be a M1 with a cut down stock and pistol grip grafted on, so I'll leave it at that)
    2 x P38s
    The pistol at the bottom left corner could be WWII-era (Luger or Lahti?). Alternatively, it could be a Ruger Mark I/II/III. To my knowledge, these five pistols are the only one that have a grip at that angle.
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