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weening away from google

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  • weening away from google

    i am beginning the process of not using google or any of their products, due to their anti-gun positions. will be tough, i'm sure, but will try.

    Google Sadly Joins The Anti-Gun Brigade - Forbes
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    I'm with ya on that one anti-gunners can go to hell


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      When I search a gun model for info I get Google Shopping hits to this very day. But I have safe search turned off so that might do it. On the other hand. Google wants money, and anybody's money that isn't counterfeit will do, so I bet they will accept ads from Gun vendors still. And someone has probably pointed out to them that they have no business whatever taking a public opinion.

      But if they are taking sides, I could drop them but then what do I use for search? Bing? That's a Microsnot product so forget it. What about my phone? Get an iPhone? What if Apple takes sides too? A Windows phone? Go to hell!...Blackberry?......RIM is this close to bankrupt. The way we keep Google from taking sides is to make sure they KNOW who uses their products. Also, make sure we buy some Google stock so we become owners, and then vote your proxy.

      OH, just checked. You can search a gun model and won't get shopping results but will get inline results that link to vendors. However, if you search a part....let's say an AR15 buffer do get google shopping results. And yes, vendors that accept Google Checkout. So as I expected, if there's money to be made Google is not bashful about making it. Guns or not.
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