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  • So which one to shoot

    OK, so you're out hunting and it's the beginning of the rut, bucks and does are running around like they have no brain whatsoever, you know your buddy is in the next blind over and you're both hoping to get a deer on opening weekend, when all of a sudden you look out to your left and see this...

    ....What are you supposed to do?

    Do you shoot the one with the bigger rack......or the gay one?
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    I say the doe. Then the buck will sniff around her till your buddy gets him, and let the "other" one cry about it on Oprah...
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      Shoot the doe. If you are quick enough when she collapses you should be able to get the buck with the big rack also. I'd leave the gay one be as it probably would taste kinda queer. I'll bet it would taste like bear meat.


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        Hell, I hunt with a belt fed weapon...I'm taking all three. Accuracy by volume!
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