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    What is Live TOPIC? Click, box lights up, then what?
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    Originally posted by batman View Post
    What is Live TOPIC? Click, box lights up, then what?
    Hard to explain, but here goes.

    Live Topic is a modification I added on. What it does is it keeps a topic 'live' as long as there are users actively posting on it. By 'Live' I mean that the topic will keep adding replies as they are typed in to a thread. If you are reading a thread and someone types a reply on a live topic, then it will appear on your screen without you having to refresh your browser.

    When you see a 'Live Topic' icon next to a thread, it means that users are actively posting to that topic - at least within the last 300 seconds.

    Here is a video demonstration:

    [ame=""]YouTube - vBulletin - Live Topic v1.06b (demo)[/ame]


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      love the "live topic" note. I just guessed it was an indicator that the thread was live with multiple posts. Did not know it went into instant post mode.
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