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  • Donation bar for Premium membership

    There were a few that mentioned wanting premium member access on the forum.

    Premium members are members that have donated to help fund the website (yearly server lease, software licensing, upgrades, etc).

    Premium members have access to special sections of the website and added member functions. Access to the Casino, Arcade, and Audio/Video chatromms are some of the special sections for Premium members. Blog and Social Group creation/management are some of the extra functions Premium members have.

    Premium memberships are only available once a year during our server lease funding drive. That membership is good until the next years server renewal and funding drive.

    Since we had a few inquiries, we will open up the donation system for a few days for anyone that wants to donate to the site for Premium access. We ran the server funding drive last month - so all premium memberships will run until the end of the year.

    Also be aware that since we are still bringing parts of the website back online from the server move, a few of the Premium services are not up or not fully functional currently. I hope to have all the Arcade games re-loaded and the chatrooms back online within the next few days.