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    is saddly lacking when it comes to ...... death

    I am thinking it would be a helpful thing to have a forum where it is discussed. I can recall where the subject was thought to be 'weird, morbid, certanly not comfortable'. Many urged us to seek 'counseling'. In every case that was NOT the answer. the most comfort proved to come from others who had 'lost' and those who loved us. one profound turning point came with a friend, pastor, coach saying 4 simple words:

    "grief is not rational'.

    the truth is ........the only person that will not be touched by grief, is the person who dies very young, or the one .........who never loves. very few will ever fit the last catagory, some knowledge of what is going to happen, the feelings, the process of grieving, ..well is better to have some knowledge than to enter the process, blind.

    in '91 God allowed me a profound lesson in grief......gave me miracles to let me know He was in it with me, and allowed me to learn the road. while the lesson was tough, it did prepare me for the road we were to be on after Jen's death. and likely saved my life. priorities change.

    so folks, what do you say?


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    what's the old saying about "death & taxes?" still doesn't make it any easier. my sister in-law died last month in her name was Jen too...36 years brother had been married 3 times before, but he finally found the "right" one, or so he thought...I am worried about him now...the grief is killing him.
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      I had a parent pass when I was young so I find it hard to relate to people who are 60 and they still have a parent. To me they are so lucky but I only see my life and or death experiences. I guess if you believe in a higher power or not we all deal with loss differently. Now that I am 30 years out of High School I am seeing classmates dying.


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        I lost my dad when I was 8 and my mom when I was 41. I also find it hard to relate to people in their 50's and 60's with parents still alive.

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          I was 7 or so when my dad passed, and in my 30s when my mother passed. So I can relate to you as well. So I am on borrowed time. I may have already died and nobody told me! LOLOL


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            We are all food for worms. You will only live as long as those that remember you. A few will live forever, some might as well never been born.
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