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  • Forum text messaging to your cell phone

    Added an option for members to receive text messages from the website.

    Members can set up their cell phone text messaging options in their 'User CP' under 'Edit SMS Options'.

    You can select to receive a text message from the forum upon receiving a new Private Message and/or allow other forum members to send a text message direct to your cell phone.

    Forum members can send text messages to other forum members who have enabled this option either by going to their 'Contact Info' on that members public profile page and selecting 'Send text message to xxxxx' or by just selecting the send text message option when you click on that members name from one of their posts.

    One note. While a member can send a text message to your cell phone if you enable that feature, you are not able to reply back to that member by cell phone text message unless that member supplies a phone number to text back.