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    "Free for All"

    Board Rules

    This forum will be used for overly heated debates and flame wars. Flaming threads will be moved from open forums to this private board for the combatants to continue their debate or flames.

    While we will allow almost anything said here since it is private and meant as an outlet for flames and overly heated threads , we will still not tolerate:

    * Discussion of illegal activities;

    * Racist remarks or posts;

    * You cannot post any referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal;

    * You cannot post advertisements or notices for contests without consent from the YardLimits Staff.

    * No flaming of members that are not part of the original thread that may have been moved to the Free for All forum or that have chosen not to be part of the Free for All board.

    This forum is our effort to allow members' freedom of discussion and expression without much censorship or moderation. While we didn't desire to put this board up, if it serves as a way to keep the open public forums more civil, it may serve a needed purpose.

    For those that choose to participate on this board, I suggest you don't complain to the staff too much on what is posted there. It will be your choice to participate on this private board. Members can unsubscribe to the 'Brawlers' usergroup at anytime so as to remove this board from their view.

    This board is unsearchable within the website search engine and completely out of public view, so these flames and overly heated debates will only be seen by those that choose to participate.

    To participate in the new board, subscribe to it in your UserCP under Group Memberships - or follow this link

    This board is put up on a trial basis.