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How do I embed a video?

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  • How do I embed a video?

    Instead of posting a link to a video how do I embed a video from say YouTube or other sites? Every time I try it it just comes up as a line of code. I am doing some thing wrong.

    Just as an example how would one embed this video?


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    You used to just have to post a YouTube link and it display the whole video. The embedded code is hit and his for me. I haven't noticed a connection as to why.
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      To use the HTML embed code HTML code has to be allowed in the particular forum. At the bottom of the page under the "Posting Rules" you can find the list of the various features allowed.

      Posting Rules

      You may post new threads
      You may post replies
      You may post attachments
      You may edit your posts

      BB code is On
      Smilies are On
      [IMG] code is On
      HTML code is Off
      Trackbacks are On
      Pingbacks are On
      Refbacks are On

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        hmm ok I never noticed that before.

        If it was allowed is it as simple as posting the code copied from the source?

        Or do you need to wrap in in a HTML tag? [HTML]code copied from source[HTML]

        I really am a noob with this stuff.


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          A simple copy and paste of the embed code works if code is allowed. As I remember the utube embed code is javascript anyway, which AFAIK does not need and HTML tag.
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