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2009 Server Funding Drive

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  • 2009 Server Funding Drive

    We have hit the goal and are now sure to be online for 2009!! Thank you to all that have contributed during the drive - it was truly a community effort!

    Everyone that has donated will have premium memberships for the year as well no matter the amount donated. I think this is how we will work the premium memberships from here on out - give them out to everyone who donates during our annual funding drive.

    I know some of you have checks in the mail and I will add your names to the donation list as they come in. I will also leave the donation button and list up until the end of the month for those that still want to kick in a few dollars for premium memberships and for the website server account. Any excess money will stay in the account and only be used for next years server funding, software license renewal or a needed server upgrade.

    Now the work begins for me. I'll get the server lease taken care of and then begin the system updates - and there are many since the current server OS is a few updates behind.

    Thanks again to all who stepped up and helped out. And we know there were others that would have helped out had it not been for the tough economic and employment times we are in. We do understand.

    Thanks again!!

    Steve (Zeb)