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  • Paid Subscriptions

    We now have a Paid Subscription option here at YardLimits. Paid Subscriptions help pay for the server lease, bandwidth, and other costs associated with running the website. Paid Subscriptions will take the place of our annual donation drives. YardLimits will no longer take donations, website sponsorship, or any advertising.

    A Paid Subscription will gain members access to 'Premium' sections of the website. The Arcade, Casino, Blogs, and Chat Rooms' sections are now within the premium sections and will require a paid subscription.

    More features will be added to the Arcade and Chat Rooms.

    The Chat Rooms will soon have audio and video capabilities - allowing for audio and video chats for those with web conferencing equipment.

    Members with Paid Subscriptions will now be able to create and moderate their own forum boards within the 'Social Group' forum. Many have asked for a way to have their own specific union local or division board. This now possible within the Social Groups. Subscribers will have full moderation control over their specific boards and can also choose whether the boards should be public or private, invite only.

    Outside of the Arcade, Casino, and Chat Rooms, everything else that is currently accessible to regular members, will remain free and accessible to regular members.

    I will be concentrating on adding many new features for those that choose a paid membership. Many features currently available free will be expanded to give those with subscriptions greater options.

    All this is done in an effort to do away with the need to take donations for the yearly server lease and give added features and sections to those that choose to support the website by purchasing a paid subscription. The subscription rate is very low. I set it to about the average amount donated by individuals during our yearly donation drive.


    $25 for 12 months access to all the premium sections.
    $15 for 6 months access to all the premium sections.
    $10 for 3 months access to all the premium sections.
    $5 for 1 month access to all the premium sections.

    You may purchase a paid subscription by going HERE

    I'll keep a running list of all the new additions and features that members will get with a paid subscription.

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    Adding Game categories and about 4000 more games to the 3600+ already in the Arcade


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      I have wrapped up installing a blog system (link is on the menu bar).

      Premium members can start and maintain their own blog with full control.

      All registered members can view and post comments on other members' blogs.


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        The Chat Rooms now have audio/video capabilities. If you have a webcam and microphone, you can take full advantage of the new features. Even if you don't have a cam but have a microphone, you can give your fingers a rest and just talk to others in the chat room.


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          I have leased space on a Flash Media server for feature rich Flash application deployment. This will allow us to add a ton of new audio and video features to the premium sections. I'll keep you informed as they are installed.