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    Originally posted by Coyote View Post
    Actually, the first Camaro was a 1967 model and I wish I had one.
    See what those 60's did to the brain cells. Yes it would be nice to have one. While we are at it, can we add to the wish list a Shelby GT350 or GT500, or maybe a 68' GTO?
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      I'll take any or all of those!
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        Originally posted by jonnyseeandoh View Post
        I'll take any or all of those!
        60's brain cells?


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          Yeah, yeah, yeah

          Originally posted by batman View Post
          VBulletin updates:
          to quote Zeb: "The upgrades MUST be done. Not doing so, leaves the site very unsecure and outdated."
          I've read around the web that many, many users are disenchanted with vBulletin and their schemes.

          If you have to pay extra for the updates, are the security risks real or imagined by vBulletin's schemers? It is owned by Internet Brands somehow and they are known to be ones seeking to "maximize" profits.

          (Disclaimer: IB also owns site from which I was booted, so there is no love lost between us, but I am always happy to report less-than-stellar news about them.)