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IT'S OFFICIAL - YardLimits Fallen Brothers Fund

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  • IT'S OFFICIAL - YardLimits Fallen Brothers Fund

    It's Official!!

    We have officially established a YardLimits Fallen Brothers Fund - a non profit (501c) corporation.

    The fund has been legally established as a non-profit corporation with a board of directors. Thanks to the dedication and support of the Gordon & Elias law firm, the paper work has been submitted and the fund should be able to start seeking donations very soon.

    A portion of all advertising revenue generated by will be set aside and donated to the fund. We will make the initial donation into the fund for the amount of $500 and hope that many of the members here will soon follow.

    The YardLimits Fallen Brothers Fund Board of Directors:

    Dan Calhoun - President
    Fred Rinck - Vice President
    Greg Bradberry - Treasurer
    Tod Spradley - Secretary.

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    The paypal is in place and the funds bank account should be established shortly.

    As soon as all is in place, we will post the paypal donation link.

    I believe that all donations will be tax deductible as well.